Joycreat Technology was founded in 2012, focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of automatic production equipment, and providing customers with turnkey solution of smart manufacturing. 

Joycreat has concentrated on technical innovations and quality controls for automation equipment since its foundation(2012). With great efforts of self improvement and cooperative learning, Joycreat is known for its high-quality products, prompt after-sales service and professional consultation. 

Joycreat has been assessed and certificated by NATIONAL HIGH-TECH ENTERPRISES as meeting its requirements in 2014. Additionally, Joycreat has become one of GUANGDONG ADVANCED EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS, and worked directly with many international companies, famous retailers and colleges. All of them has established a strong relationship with Joycreat.



  • In 1995, Daniel started working for an automation equipment company. He was responsible for the design and development of new machines, which is what he is most passionate about.
  • In 2012, Daniel founded Joycreat, a machine manufacturer and automation technical service company, of which he is CEO and Chief Engineer.
  • What he most values is constantly innovating and keeping firmly to quality.



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